Fellicita Pouch Taster Pack


Fellicita Pouch Taster Pack


Try the 4 Fellicita Pouch flavours with this useful Taster Pack.

The Pack contains 

1 x Buffalo, Rabbit and Beef 100g

1 x Chicken, Turkey and Goose 100g

1 x Fowl and Fowl hearts 100g

1 Seafood and Coalfish 100g

All postage and packaging costs!

Flavours subject to availability.

As these foods may be new to your cat, we provide + recommend at least one single protein variety. These are the plainest foods we offer and for introduction foods, often the ones which have the most success. Don't be alarmed if your cat's litter box parcels vary slightly after eating these foods. A change in diet to a very high protein + meat content food can sometimes have this affect. It will be temporary. Be sure to consult our feeding guide page for more advice on how to introduce our foods, but initially, start with a little taster rather than a full meal. If your cat needs to take the introduction process a little slower, try adding in this food to their existing food and increasing the amount of Fellicita every day bit by bit and decreasing their current food.

Any questions, please get in touch and we can provide support.

Please note, all postage and packaging costs are included in the purchase price  this product will be delivered by Royal Mail. Your item will be dispatched as soon as possible, mostly within 2 working days, but may take up to 4 working days in certain circumstances.

Your Taster Pack will be dispatched within 2-5 working days and will be sent First Class Royal Mail.