Fellicita Fellonis Beef Cube Snacks


Fellicita Fellonis Beef Cube Snacks


Fellicita Fellonis Meat cubes with Swiss Simmental beef 100g

Fellicita ~ available for the first time and exclusively in the U.K. only at The Honest Cat Food Company

Delicious gluten-free reward snacks in cubes produced according to the most modern standards in Switzerland. The delicious meat flavor is created by spicy grass fodder and alpine herbs. The marbling and the excellent aroma of the Simmental beef make the meat cubes a special chew. The meat noodles are gently dried over beech fire, thereby unfolding the fine smoke aroma.

The ideal snack for any cat, whether big or small. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. 


95% beef, 5% organic maize

Analytical components:

Crude protein 56.0%, crude fat 22.0%, crude fiber 1.5%, raw ash 3.5%

These are average values, the product is subject to great natural fluctuations.

Heat treated at 95 ° C.

Gluten free

Raw materials from controlled origin and animal welfare

Without genetic technology

Free of preservatives and chemical additives

Ecologically and gently dried

Made in Switzerland

Please feed responsibly and in moderation. Best used as part of the Predatory Cycle 'Hunt, Catch, Kill, Eat, Sleep' in combination with our other products specially selected to help facilitate a natural predatory lifestyle.