Tundra Turkey Pure 200g

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Tundra Turkey Pure 200g


Tundra - developed strictly to a nutrition physiologically closest to the natural prey of wild cats.

Made with high quality ingredients including pheasant, wild rabbit, venison and select herbs, Tundra contains the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids all cats need to thrive.

60-65% meat protein, less than 2% carbohydrate, low GI foods with 1500mg/kg of taurine make Tundra the perfect species-appropriate prey-like food for your cat.

Suitable for all cats and kittens, even those with allergies or sensitive tummies as Tundra foods are - Grain free - without animal/bone meal - no added sugar or salt - no attractants - without added natural or artificial flavourings or colour - without animal experiments - without soya.

Available in 2 single-protein varieties for cats with sensitivites and perfect as introduction foods.

Tundra Turkey Pure

Meat (minimum 65% turkey) and animal derivatives (turkey hearts, turkey liver, turkey stomachs), sea buckthorn (2%), cranberry (2%), blueberry (2%), minerals

Analytical constituents 

Crude protein10.40%
Crude fat5.90%
Crude ash2.40%
Crude fiber0.40%

Nutritional additives 

Vitamin D3200 I.E/kg
Zinc as zinc sulphate monohydrate
Manganese as manganous sulphate monohydrate
Iodine as Calcium iodate, anhydrous
Calcium:phosphorous 1.14:1