OmNomNom Pure Chicken 400g

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OmNomNom Pure Chicken 400g


70% Chicken meat with whole chicken hearts - a fantastic nutritious meal for your cat. 

70% human grade meat + organs including whole chicken hearts + grain free, this premium quality complete food from OmNomNom is what cats want, need and can easily digest. 

27.5% Chicken meat, 15% whole chicken hearts, 15% chicken necks, 12.5% innards (stomach and maximum 5% liver) , 26% chicken broth/jelly, 3% carrot, 1% minerals and vitamins. 

1500mg/kg wonderful taurine. 

OmNomNom is full of the essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and amino acids cats need to thrive. Gentle preparation methods ensure taurine is preserved to promote eye, heart and immune system health. This single protein variety is suitable for all breeds of cats and kittens, including those with sensitive tummies or allergies. It's also a great product to begin the introduction of high meat content foods to your cat. As with all new foods, the process should be gradual - read more on our feeding guide page. 

• Fresh meat (human grade)
• No grain
• No soy
• No corn
• No preservatives
• No coloring agents, fillers, flavor enhancers
• No sugar (in any shape or form)
• No added fats or oils
• No meat or bone meal
• No Ethoxyquin (E 385), Propylgallat (E 310), BHA (E 320), BHT
• only natural ingredients, nothing genetically engineered, no formed meat (patties)
• covers 100% of dietary needs and is therefore approved as complete feed
• Animal testing? You bet: the Omnomnom cats and Mr Finley cannot recommend this food enough. Make sure you keep it hidden.

Label: Full disclosure, if it's in the can it's on the label and vice versa

•OmNomNom contains 96% meat and animal by products that are fully disclosed (see picture).

• The percentage of animal by products (except heart, which is garanteed min. 15 %, and liver, which is garanteed not to EXCEED 5%) is subject to minor fluctuations between batches (they have yet to find two chickens that weigh the same!)
• Cassia Gum is a part of almost any commercial cat food, but it is not mandatory to declare (we use 0.001 %) but we do declare it anyway. If you don't use it the meat is rock hard and 'balled together"

Production: Om Nom Nom is a carefully crafted natural product, the content from batch to batch can look slightly different.
• Particularly gentle production (cold filling of cans) is used in order to maintain the healthy ingredients almost completely. Taurine decomposes above 300 ° C.  'Cold filling' cans means the taurine is preserved.
• Quality control and veterinary inspection (Producing company is HACCP, BIO, MSC and IFS certified)
• The broth results from added drinking water, which then makes the beloved jelly. Just like Grandma used to do ;)

Consistency:  Whole chicken hearts (approx. 5-6 per 400 g can) with jelly. There were cans with 12 hearts, and cans with 3 hearts, its a bit of a lottery, but they can't be mixed better or they would simply fall apart.

Dietary needs: (Kittens and preggie mommies get as much as they want)

Very quiet cat: OmNomNom: 52 g per KG bodyweight
Medium active cat: Om Nom Nom: 60 g per KG bodyweight
Very active cat: Om Nom Nom: 78 g per KG bodyweight