Big Skunk Flying PurrSuit Attachment

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Big Skunk Flying PurrSuit Attachment


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This refill is very realistic! These really are about as good as it gets, and this Purrs Big Skunk attachment really brings out the natural hunting instinct of your cat. 

A Big size for cats that like bigger toys, very realistic rat prey size approximately 12cm long x 5cm wide in body plus big long bushy tail.

With the Interactive Wands, you can put life into the toy, so that the target at the end of the string can wiggle, creep, fly or dart around the room, or garden. Your cats' speed and grace will amaze you as they dash around trying to capture the prey!

The Skunk refill is made of 100% genuine Buffalo and sheep Hair. The hair is a by-product from free roaming, outdoor herds living a natural life before entering the human food chain from the UK & USA and are protected under Animal Welfare Laws.

We are completely against animal cruelty and the killing of animals just for their skins/fur. All materials are selected carefully to ensure that the animals are treated with respect, humanely and only use skins/ furs which are a by-product of the food industry which would otherwise go into land fill so no animal is harmed simply to provide fur/ hair.

This toy has a soft leather strip running through the middle (No sharp metal bar!) The connection to the wand toy is via a hook on the front.

As this is a natural product colours will vary slightly with brown / white  combinations.

SAFETY !! Cat teaser/Interactive toys are NOT chew toys. Cat Interactive & Teaser Toys satisfy your cat's natural hunt & chase instinct. They are designed only for human supervised interaction with your cat(s) to encourage cats to play and exercise. All the interactive toys should be put away when the play sessions are over. They should never be left with your cat to chew or destroy (as s/he would actual live prey) or left in a place where your cat can reach them without your participation. This is to protect your cat from injury and to make sure that the toys keep their strong appeal.

To complete a cat's natural hunt, catch, kill, eat cycle, use the Purrs wands and prey attachments as hunt/chase exercise toys. Provide a high protein snack/meal for their reward after the play session has finished to complete the cycle. All that's left to do is take a nap.