Fellicita Fowl and Fowl Heart with Apricot ~ 100g Pouch

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Fellicita Fowl and Fowl Heart with Apricot ~ 100g Pouch


Fellicita - the brand when it comes to high-quality and well-suited cat food and now available in handy 100g Pouches! No wastage and perfect portion control.

Fellicita ~ available for the first time and exclusively in the U.K. only at The Honest Cat Food Company

Fellicita Poultry and Poultry Heart with Apricot  -95% total meat content "Geflügel, Geflügelherzen und Aprikose"

Poultry/Fowl (53%), poultry/Fowl meat broth (27%), poultry/Fowl heart (15%), apricot (3.5%), minerals (1%), thistle oil (0.5%

The meat portion consists of genuine cross-ribbed muscle meat (50%) and high-quality innards (heart, stomach, liver, lungs, neck and kidneys).

For carnivores, a natural diet is essential. The complete recipes of Fellicita consist of high-quality ingredients that are balanced with minerals and vitamins. The delicious, delicate meat paste is rich in high-quality real muscle meat and is easily digestible for all cats and kittens. Fellicita do not use any grains/cereals, artificial flavoring, colouring or preservation substances as the preservation takes place naturally in resulting cooking broth. The ingredients used are sourced from Germany.

Fellicita offer cat food which has been developed, tested and recommended by veterinarians and developed according to nutritional physiological aspects. Your trust to Fellicita is important, so you can read exactly the ingredients that are used in each flavour production.

Analytical components:
Protein 10.80%, fat content 5.90%, crude fiber 0.40%, raw ash 1.80%, calcium 0.3%, phosphorus 0.25%, moisture 79.00%

Rich in high-quality, genuine muscle meaT

Without artificial flavors, colouring and preservatives

Ideal nutrient supply

With extra meat

Particularly delicious, delicate meat patties

Grain free

Without soy protein

Nutritional physiological additives;

Vitamin A 3,000 IU

Vitamin D3 300 IU

Vitamin E 30.00 mg

Taurine 1500 mg

Zinc (as zinc sulfate, monohydrate) 15.00 mg

Manganese (as manganese (II) sulfate) 3.00 mg

Iodine (as sodium iodate, monohydrate) 0.75 mg

Selenium (as sodium selenite) 0.03 mg

Without Cassia Gum