Serving their instincts

Hello. Welcome to The Honest Cat Food Company where feline nutrition and well-being are at the centre of everything we do. We provide life enriching products that facilitate and satisfy the natural predatory cycle for all cats of Hunt-Catch-Kill-Eat. 

Premium quality grain-free wet foods with clearly listed ingredients from OmNomNom, Tundra  + Fellicita meet the strict essential dietary requirements of these true carnivores. Our range of ethically sourced, natural material lifelike toys appeal to their innate predatory characteristics. 

Grain free and with the correct REAL meat content levels and essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids ensure our nutrient dense, species-relevant cat foods provide a complete and balanced diet. Natural feather and fur cat toys ethically sourced in accordance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, that move, look and sound like the real thing will awaken their predatory nature and help keep your cat's weight, physical and mental health in check. 

Your cat's life purpose is to complete the predatory cycle. With our products you can make this a daily reality for your little tiger, and it doesn't get much better for a cat than to Hunt-Catch-Kill-Eat-Groom-Sleep.